All art types welcome

The ARTery is open to artists of all types, be that music, photography, videography, print, painting, knitting, jewelry, or anything else!

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Spaces and Rooms

All our artist spaces are now leased.  Check in with us for the next available opening.  Click on the Artist Pad Tab if you are interested in spending a night!

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Classes and Private Events!

Check out our amazing line of diverse classes and events!

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The Downtown Artery, made for artists by artists.


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More about us

Who we are

Welcome to the Downtown Artery, a collaborative art, music and business space in downtown Fort Collins, Colorado. We believe that creating an atmosphere conducive to creativity is an essential part of any arts community and we’re excited to be bringing this experience to Fort Collins. We originally started out as a small business looking to help creatives make the most of their talents, we’ve now grown that vision into the 6,800 square foot studios of the Downtown Artery!


What we do

Comprised of eighteen art, music and creative business studios, the Downtown Artery is a realization of a dream that has been years in the making. We have been working hard to create a space that assists artists of any type thrive in our community through studio availability, community involvement and community partnership.


Why we do it

As artists, designers and photographers ourselves, we recognized a need for art and music space in downtown Fort Collins and throughout the Northern Colorado region. We wanted to be able to provide a collaborative and cooperative space for artists to create, learn and communicate to not only better each other but better ourselves as well.