“Stigma Stains” Demystifies Mental Health Secrets, one story at a time.

“Stigma Stains” Demystifies Mental Health Secrets, one story at a time.


The Downtown Artery is proud to present “Stigma Stains”, by Jennifer Ivanovic. A traveling art installation that aspires, through paint, to make the stigma of mental illness transparent. It comprises free-formed, poured “stain” paintings and corresponding stories taken from personal interviews with volunteers about the struggles and triumphs of living with mental illness.


Each of the personal narratives gives a moving account of the subject’s struggle with adversity and marginalization living with mental illness in our culture and their determination to triumph and live healthy, fulfilling lives. Jennifer paints elaborate metaphors and symbols used to represent the substance of the secrets.


One-quarter of the population will be affected by mental health issues this year, a staggering 57.7 million Americans according to NAMI. Most audience members will know a struggling friend or family member. “Stigma Stains” inspires the audience to risk examination of their own personal prejudices by demystifying the secrecy and stigma surrounding mental illness.


The Downtown Artery  is located at 254 Linden S,  Fort Collins, Colorado and is open Tuesday thru Saturday, 12pm - 6pm. “Stigma Stains”, by Jennifer Ivanovic runs from February 1 to February  28 2019. A public reception will be held on Friday, February 1st, 6-10 pm. - Gallery Hours:


About the Artist, Jennifer Ivanovic:


Jennifer Ivanovic has lived in 5 US states, South Africa & New Zealand and currently resides in Fort Collins, Colorado. Her art is known for inventive techniques and unconventional use of acrylic paint. Colorful paintings emerge from her unique pouring and “blowing” method. Using toothpicks and blowing through straws to guide the paint, there is palpable spontaneity on her canvas. Her art celebrates symbolism with a devotion to the lusciousness of paint.