Bandits, Wolfer, Stilted

BANDITS are a red-hot bowling ball, shot out of a homemade cannon into the side panel of mid 80's Ford Bronco. 

Led by the unmatched chemistry of brother/sister John and LuLu Demitro, and driven by the eruptive drumming of Andrew Oakley, BANDITS have, "managed to enter a higher society of artistry by discharging a brand unlike any others in the provincial industry."

Straddling the line between psychedelic and downright explosive, BANDITS find themselves drawing in dazed listeners to a focal point of sound, just before pushing back with enough power and energy to knock the asbestos out of the ceiling of your towns grimy rock club.


Seduced by the succubus of the night, three lone wolves were drawn into a pack. Fueled by the unbound prowess of darkness these intrepid wanders were united by a common cause: to bring the ROCK to the streets of Fort Collins. This unholy union has spawned immediate results in the form of face-melting guitar, the rumbling thunder of bass, and the crushing fury of pulverizing drums. Only the most worthy may witness and endure the glory of the predatory call unleashed during each performance. Behold! Wolfer has been unleashed upon the world. Can you hear the howling at your window? What is that clawing at your door? Reveal your true nature, step into the night and join the pack.