Color & Light

A Solo Exhibition by Riley Lovato

"Two of the strongest themes that connect the body of work I’ve been building in the last couple of years. Having learned to paint about halfway through college, I’m still fully in the honeymoon phase with the painting medium. The feeling is still new, and fun, and exciting. “I can’t believe I’m doing it!” is a thought that tends to run through my head on any given project, usually toward the end when the difficulties and frustrations that come with every new subject are behind me. I learn with each new piece, and often plan the next one based on what I struggled with in the last. A deficiency in clouds leads to a cloud-centric painting, where a fight with color leads to a color-laden painting, and on the process goes. While the meanings behind each piece can swing wildly between serious social commentary, one-line jokes, or just something pretty to look at, what ties them all together is a love of dramatic light and rich, vivid color."

- Riley Lovato

Volcano, Downtown ArteryStatue of Liberty, Downtown Artery