An Art Shape Mammoth Group Show Curated by Anna Hultin



noun: dissection; plural noun: dissections

  1. the action of dissecting a body or plant to study its internal parts.
    • synonyms: cutting up/open, dismemberment; 
  2. very detailed analysis of a text or idea.

To create a successful work of art an artist must constantly be dissecting ideas and aesthetics. What works well in one piece or situation may not in the next so they must cut, edit and begin anew with the remnants of what was once created. Dissection features work by Joan Harmon, Kristen Tordella-Williams and Lindsey Wolkowicz. Each piece investigates either the dissection of an idea or an aesthetic element, and the artists themselves exhibit the ability to delve into their concepts to create a detailed analysis of their ideas through their art practice.  

Joan Harmon, Kristen Tordella-Williams and Lindsey Wolkowicz are members of Art Shape Mammoth; a non-profit organization cultivating arts research, education, and dialogue by supporting the development of artists and by connecting them with new communities.

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