EON w/ Spliff Tank and Los Toms

22nd December 6:00PM

Doors: 6:00 // Show 7:00

Presale: $6 // Day of Show: $8




A big energy three piece out of Fort Collins, Colorado bringing back the heavy sounds of Rock n Roll!


Spliff Tank


Los Toms

To really understand what was in the Fort Collins water at the turn of the decade, it is important to mention Hanger A10, where, in fits of mad brilliance on drunken summer nights we convened to discharge asynchronicity through the airwaves of the industrial district. In the dearth of a noise ordinance, we experimented with broad ideas and instrumentation.

It was a sonic slaughterhouse.

At peak dissonance, Hangar A10 produced improvisational and arrhythmic drumming haunted by unworldly synthesizers and a vicious assault on a guitar made of lightning. Sparks spewed as the uncut strings raked the corrugated steel walls, the microphone electrified your lips until you couldn’t feel them singing. Out of the hellish sound created in that dark laboratory came Los Toms, with Jerel Teichroew on guitar, Nately Dorlac on bass, and Jackson Connolly on the drums.

Los Toms spans a swath of psychedelic sound. On the lighter end they embrace the ephemeral groove of neo-psychedelia, accenting with surfstyle drumbeats and washed out synthesizers. Fuzz and distortion dominate the heavier end of the band's spectrum.