First Friday: Burn It Down

Join us for ‘Burnin Down the House’ a giant group Art Show in our main gallery upstairs.

Featuring Prints and Originals by local artists including:

Keith P. Rein
Riley Lovato
Alex Runge
Nic Lofaro
Jennie Milner
Kristen Vohs
Rosie Wendel
Kindra Wisbrod
Ben Stanford
Kaitlyn Mai-Fusco
Justin Camille
Ben Buttice
Ezra Stieglitz
Werner Scheiber
Dale Hartman
Shawn Campbell
Robbie Blum
Alden Weissfield
Brian Weikle
Chad Alley
Christina Stone
Rosemary Buttgenbach
Dawn Weddle
Tyler Boeyink
Danya Alwtebi
Chelsea Gilmore
Steven Dewey
Dee Colombini
Shane Pyles
Jennifer Ivanovic
Deanna Duncan-Allen
Ross Love
Drew Diamond
Clyde Canino

And performances by:
Native Artists in Action
Roadkill Cabaret
Hot Tub Wrestler
Alone at the Gym