First Friday Opening Reception: “Visions of Dracula”

First Friday Opening Reception: “Visions of Dracula”

October 5th Opening Reception 6 PM - late 

Exhibition Runs Oct 5 th - 27th

Gallery Hours: 2 PM - 6 PM Tuesday - Saturday 

Join us at Downtown Artery for First Friday!

Visions of Dracula A group art exhibition co-curated by 
LoFaro Metalarts and Downtown Artery Sponsored by Suerte Tequilaand Vampfangs with proceeds benefiting Colorado Bat Rescues and Conservation! 

Featuring Live Music By: 
The Hollow 
Bison Bone 
Spaceman, and
DJ Echo

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Dracula has spent 500 years transcending the confines of fiction. The emergence of vampire lore carried a narrative built where fantasy and reality had indistinguishably melded the foundation. Dracula’s legend was nurtured within a twisted nest of varying superstitions, until it found refuge within the occult & religious mystism.  Centuries would pass before Gothic influences would redefine vampire imagery, and another hundred until Dracula would make celebrity as the golden king of the silver age of Universal Studios monsters.

Dracula is a character of shadow. Sinking through the blackness of shade and nightfall, flowing in a ghostly current, peering into civilization as if a sea serpent from older times from just passing through where the light breaks. He may certainly reign within Castle Dracula, ruling over the silent hallways and the empty chambers as if he were a cursed matre-de stuck in a stone purgatory.