First Friday Opening Reception: 5 Year Anniversary and In House Artist Showcase

Doors 5 PM | Art & Music Start at 6 PM 

All ages | Free 

Join us for our First Friday 5 Year Anniversary and In House Artist Showcase June 1st. Featuring art by our in house artists and live performances on two stages. 

DIY Stage 

Alone at the Gym
Madelyn Burns
Devin W. Doucet
Good Thief

Main Stage 

Brian Jasper Hull 
Night Shades 
Rat Doctor
Hermit Commune 

Dazzle Room Dance Party

Mitchel Layman spinning the Funk all night long! 

Jai Cochran 

   Jai Cochran is a painter, photographer and writer living in Fort Collins, Colorado. He has been a landscape architect and small town newspaper publisher, and lived in Georgia, Tennessee, and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  After ten years in Austin, Texas he has recently moved to Fort Collins, Colorado

   As a landscape architect in San Antonio, Texas he designed the grounds of the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi. While living in Mexico he photographed and produced the travelogue "A Video Postcard from San Miguel de Allende," as well as giving public photography lectures. Jai's novel Speak the Truth and Fear No Man is available on Amazon's Kindle.

   In 2001, he discovered the advantages of painting from his own digital photographs and took up painting in oils full time. He has since expanded to watercolor, acrylics and woodcuts. 


Royce Hoffner & Ethan Lindhout 

   EvrGlo Media is a vehicle for creative expression within the visual realm. Royce & Ethan create luminescent media that reflects the highest potentials of the human imagination. They also produce custom visual content for live projections and interactive installations, and create videos that forevrglo within the minds of those that watch them. Their primary focus is videography and projection, but if you have a dream beyond these defined mediums, we encourage you to contact them. By not believing in limitations- if you can imagine it, they can make it reality. 

For inquiries contact: [email protected]


Brian Majeski  

   Since 1994, Brian Majeski has designed and managed projects large and small, commercial and residential, in various parts of the country. During the first six years of professional practice, Brian worked in Chicago, Illinois for commercial and institutional firms, such as Teng & Associates. During this period, he worked on a variety of projects including several large office buildings, Western Michigan University football stadium, four public libraries, a Northwestern University interior renovation, and several projects for the United States Postal Service.

   Moving to Steamboat Springs in 2001, Brian was a project architect for a local architecture firm for three years. The majority of this experience focused on large custom residential projects and a few local commercial projects. The residential projects included a 10,000sf home in the Catamount Ranch of Steamboat Springs, a 6000sf hilltop residence in Mill Valley, California, and designed a home in Silverthorne, Colorado to repel any probable forest fire using siting techniques and Firewise design criteria.In August of 2004, Brian formed U/R Design, Inc. with projects currently located in Steamboat Springs, Boulder, and Durango, Colorado. Recently completed projects include the Off the Beaten Path Bookstore and the new Steamboat Springs Edward Jones office, and provided architectural consulting on the 33,000 sf mixed use building, “The Victoria.” Current projects include two work/live buildings, a home in Louisville, Kentucky, and various addition/remodel projects.

   Brian is currently an Associate of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and is also serving on the Technical Advisory Committee for the Steamboat Springs Green Building Program. From 2010-2011, Brian was a selected participant for the LENSES program at the Institute of the Built Environment at Colorado State University.

Joanie Schneider 

   Joanie Schneider is the owner of Sustainescapes, which was previously known as Joanie's Landscaping. She changed the name of the company to reflect the environmentally responsible garden practices she has always engaged in.

  Sustainescapes provides professional, artistic landscape designs and services. We always keep green practices in mind. If it can be recycled or reused, it will be. We use natural and organic methods in our company whenever possible.

   Sustainescapes strives to create a sense of place, so that your landscape reflects your personality and fits in beautifully with your surroundings and outdoor living spaces.

Katelynn Mai-Fusco 

   Katelynn is a Fort Collins artist who specializes in Mixed Media Installations made from cut paper and assorted textiles. Her installations create an ethereal "cave-like" experience to viewers. A strong inspiration for her are the sounds and colors that Colorado's very own, Poudre River produces. It has been said that her works reflect the physical and spiritual qualities of water and daily life in her work.

Maiele Mignard 

Maiele Mignard is a student currently residing in Fort Collins, Colorado. Maiele specializes in visual art that pertains to oil, acrylic, and illustrations. In 2018, she has decided to become a full-time artist so any and all support is appreciated! If you'd like to support the working artist, Maiele is currently taking inquiries: [email protected]

Heath Johnston - @crusteez

Buy his work here:


Hannah Circenis 

   Born and raised Colorado, Hannah started making art here since she was a kid. Her process incorporates hand-dyeing techniques, handwoven textiles, and embroidery with oil painting. The tactile and fluid nature of folds of fabric allows for them to be manipulated, mimicking and enhancing the organic forms of her paintings. She has been growing her desire for more life, and within that, the desire for more creative expression and communication. Hannah makes art out of a necessity to communicate the sensory and emotional experiences that she can't quite put words to, as well as, to exemplify the character of her God, who is an artist too.


Rorey King - @roreykingart

Charles Vitic 

   Charles Vitic is an artist, musician, and inventor alternating operations between Northern Colorado and the Bay Area of California. He works in a wide variety of mediums including kinetic/recycled sculpture, interactive, digital media, artcars, as well as many traditional mediums. His work is often called steampunk, cyberpunk, and kinetic. Send all inquiries, comments, and anecdotes to: [email protected]

Ben Stanford 

Ben Stanford is a figurative painter who has been living and working in Fort Collins since 2013. Growing up in Colorado Springs, Ben found an early love for art, going on to complete his Fine Art education at Colorado State University. Taking inspiration from the Old Masters, he uses painting as a process through which tradition and craftsmanship can serve as a touchstone for the creative process; allowing for self-imposed constraints to serve as a catalyst for problem-solving. In his free time, he enjoys reading, podcasting, and drinking gallons of coffee. 

Kindra Weisbrod - @artbykindra

Kindra is a poet, photographer, and budding artist that enjoys combining contrasting elements and mediums into strange new ideas. A resident of Colorado since she was born, Kindra has a passion for advocacy in her hometown. When she's not working on art, Kindra serves her community via working with local nonprofits, volunteering, and other social justice work. 

Riley Lovato - @rileylovatoart

Faith Johnson - @artbythepound

Faith is The Downtown Artery's Assistant Art Director, with her main focus being involved in visual arts. A painter and illustrator, Faith tends to see the world in an ethereal and sometimes hyper-detailed perspective. Born in Loveland, CO, she is pursuant in following in her parents' footsteps of their artistic legends, and spreading her local roots to a global perimeter by involving community arts to the masses. On her off days, she loves to fluff her kitty's belly, recite Wayne's World, and concoct dandelion wine.

Nathanael Volckening 

Nathanael Volckening is an American artist born in 1988, living and working in Colorado and New Mexico. His work seeks to explore archetypal and often feminine "formscapes" which he describes as "windows into the sublime unconscious."

June 1st First Friday