First Friday Opening Reception: Medusa

First Friday Opening Reception: Visions of Medusa : A Collaborative Art Show

Opening Reception 6 PM - Late 
Exhibition Dates: April 6 - April 27th 
Gallery Hours Tuesday - Saturday 12 PM - 6 PM 

Medusa’s popularity has flourished from times of ancient Greece. She is arguably the most famous and memorable figure from mythology and her popularity eclipses that of any mythological god or mortal man. Her figure, story and form are timelessly captivating, and probably best realized within her artistic portrayals. An abject hero, Medusa has been depicted as a monster, a protective symbol, an enemy, a symbol for liberty, a sympathetic victim of rape, and a curse. 

Art helped Medusa’s mythology not only to survive, but expand into phenomena. 

Who is Medusa to you? How do you understand her? How will you interpret her in your art? 


6pm-8 PM pm first round Canyon Collected Ballet Youth Ensemble
8:30 PM - ? Live Music by We's Us and Hermit Commune 

We's Us is an American rock band originally from Denver, CO. "These guys can write a really great song that will stick in your head on the way home, but they’ll explore the possibilities of what that song can do with each rendition of it. There’s a plenty of rock, a touch of roll, classic composition and enough funk for the whole family. Diversity seems a priority while a musical willingness continually steers the band into fresh territory." (CO:Jam). While most bands tend to have a standard set each night, We’s Us prides itself on their varying set lists, on-the-fly improvisation, and the ability to move crowds with their original anthems. 

Hermit Commune
Maybe you have come online, to see if you should see us live? you'll laugh, you'll cry - we'll stay on time! so come on down and have a try, hermits go down smooth with wine. [-(---{--[-]--}---)-] Influences include Trash Pickle, Warm Corn, and Bird Fist!
Plus performances by DJ Echo