First Friday Opening Reception: Mental Health Art & Exploration

Month of Mental Health Art & Exploration

Wellbeing: Stigma and Impact

stig·ma /ˈstiɡmə/ noun • 1. a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.

im·​pact \ˈim-ˌpakt  \ noun • 1 a forceful contact or onset. • 2: the force of impression of one thing on another : a significant or major effect.

Our communities, neighborhoods, organizations, businesses, and families face uncertain and turbulent times. What does wellbeing mean in the current environment? How do stigmas of mental and behavioral health impact wellbeing? Can a better understanding of mental and behavioral health help us contribute to more equitable wellbeing?


Image "Lookouts" By Alex Runge watercolor on paper