FoCo Speaks Out

(Performance & Conversation)

Last year, on December 6th, an event took place at Bas Bleu called FoCo Speaks Out! It blended thought leaders with local artists and was billed as the art of social justice. The theatre has 116 seats but almost 200 people attended. 

What happened? 

Community members were riveted for 90 minutes as local voices invited the packed audience to think about and respond to the places of brokenness and hope in Northern Colorado. Each of the performers uniquely touched the heart in a way that amplified the speaker’s messages.

And what was most surprising is that the audience left inspired and wanting more.

You can check out more information at: 

Today the question is… what’s next for FoCo Speaks Out!? 

That’s where you come in. You are invited to this unique entrepreneur brainstorming session that needs your minds to take this start up venture to the next level. Join us to watch a live workshop performance of FoCo Speaks Out! and then engage in creative problem solving that aims to elevate this event so it can alter the social and cultural landscape of acceptance and inclusion in Fort Collins. You might even want to get involved.