Friendependence Day: Prairie Dew + Pop Skulls

First Friday Opening Reception: 
Friendependence Day: Prairie Dew + Pop Skulls: A collaborative show featuring Olga Noes & Keith P. Rein

Opening Reception: Friday July 6th 6 PM - 11 PM
Gallery Exhibition runs July 6th - July 31st
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 2 PM - 6 PM

"Friendependence Day: Prairie Dew + Pop Skulls" is a five-year reunion show for illustrators, Olga Noes and Keith P. Rein. Olga's pencil and acrylic portraits are juxtaposed to Keith's watercolor and digital illustrations, as they both explore a colorful vision of the West through Gothic Western and Bubblegum Western illustrations. While prairie dew and pop skulls are terms from olden times for whiskey (a favorite of the artists), when put together they conjure something a little more modern and a little more colorful befitting of the palettes of both creators.

A self-taught portrait artist by trade, Olga Noes' primary fuel for creativity is contrast examination. The marriage of beauty and tragedy is uniquely appealing in prose, paint and life in general. Joining these two components in all her work, primarily using the female form and portraiture as the medium, is her goal. Olga currently resides in TN.

Keith P. Rein is a portrait and neo-pinup artist working under the studio banner, The P is for Penis. He combines humor, aesthetics, and the pleasurable, with the analogue techniques of watercolor and modern teachings of digital painting to create a unique style that is simultaneously whimsical and titillating.

Greet either artist in western cosplay (no guns or squirt guns) during the opening on July 6th for a free Friendependence Day sticker, while supplies last.