Cole O'Donnell

Making things has always been an extremely personal thing for me. When I originally started painting, I painted entirely with emotion. Although still illustrative, my paintings were, and still are, less about the subject matter depicted, and more about an emotion or concept I am trying to convey.

I’m trying to discover who I am through painting, the emotions I feel, and how specifically to deal with them. At times it can be extremely therapeutic, or depressing, usually depending on how I think the painting compositionally is going. The more I use painting to discover who I am, the less I seem to actually know about myself. Which sounds almost hopeless, but it’s not. In fact the search itself has become the most important part of this journey. I never want to know exactly who I am. I want to always surprise myself by what I might like, or how I feel about anything. I want to grow as an artist, and not make the same paintings over and over again. – Cole O’Donnell

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