Jocelyn & Chris Arndt with Shaley Scott

Doors 7 PM 
Show 8 PM 
All ages 

“Jocelyn & Chris Arndt OWNED the stage with inferno-like intensity... (think Amy Winehouse X Janis Joplin X Fiona Apple)” 
- Edge Television Network, Hollywood California

"She can move from whisper to yell in one phrase without missing a note. The band is aggressive, tight, and very strong... The band never stays still, nor does Jocelyn, but they also never lose the audience." 
- David Singer / The Daily Gazette

“The Arndts sound like they were raised on 60ʼs rock records and would enjoy having a drink with the ghost of Janis Joplin.” 
- The New York Scene Report

Shaley Scott
, grew up in the town of Fort Collins, Colorado. She started performing at the age of five and as a trained dancer and self-taught musician, entered the Colorado Academy of the Arts, where she would train every day after school. In her spare time, Shaley started writing songs on the piano, and landed a spot on a local cable channel, where they started featuring her original music at only 14 years old. "I think that was the moment I knew what I was supposed to do. It all seemed so magical to me. It was like a light switch had clicked on and from that day forward, my singing and song writing became my first priority." 
She won the “Outstanding Vocal Performance Award” at the famous UNC Jazz Festival and later received a music scholarship to Colorado State University, and entered college as a music major. “...But, when I finally got to college, it was as if there was a voice inside me, telling me I needed to be somewhere else," says Shaley. So, she packed up her car, and moved to Los Angeles.
Shaley has a long trail of notable moments where she has outshined along the way, producing her own CDs, being a finalist on many a contests, writing a full length musical, as well as singing in multiple movie soundtracks. One notable achievement was the placement of one of her original songs in the horror/thriller “The Hitchhiker”, in which she also played the leading role.

Jocelyn & Chris Arndt