Koolin K's Family Reunion

Koolin K's Family Reunion

Koolin' K's Family Reunion
April 20th, 2019

Koolin’ K’s first official headlining mini-show and party! LIVE on 4/20, brought to you by DEATHTRAP. Koolin’ K is releasing “Real Groovy Like a Drive Inn Movie” very soon! Has built a solid buzz within the Northern Colorado region. Recently, opening for Cash Money West artist, Blueface at a sold out Aggie Theatre. This family reunion will also have Shaun Mercier, TJae Ty, Kent Washington, Junior B and Fullmetal added to the mix! 

Koolin' K
Kent Washington
Shaun Mercier
Tjae Ty
Junior B
Full Metal

$5 before Midnight
$10 after Midnight
9:30pm to 1:30am