Make More Art/ Make More Music Battle

Make More Art / Make More Music Battle is a live collaborative competition between mixed media artists and musicians; a friendly gladiator match between creatives. It will take place over three rounds. 

The 1st round (6/7): 8 artists, 2 teams of 4 artists. 16 musicians, 4 bands of 4 musicians.

Each team/band gets one project to execute in the span of 90 minutes.

The goal is to make a beautiful cohesive work of art and music with other artists!

At 9:30pm a panel of judges will determine which team moves on to the next round.

2nd round (6/14): 2 artists vs. 2 artists, 3 bands compete to move to the Final Round.

3rd round (6/21) FINALS: 1 artist vs. 1 artist, 1 band vs. 1 band.

If you are interested in signing up email [email protected]