Mama Magnolia w/ the Nightshades

Doors: 7:00 // Show: 8:00
Presale: $7 // Day of Show: $10

Mama Magnolia is your guide through a groovy and dangerous musical landscape. Their sound pushes musical boundaries while capturing the ear, touching the soul and moving the body. Their powerful blend of groovy rhythms, explosive horn lines, captivating melodies and soulful lyrics will invite you to want more. With a love of shifting meters, polyrhythmic structure, evolving harmonies and complex dynamic shape, they let the music guide them to create danceable and undeniably deep music that is tasty soul candy to those who hear it.

This crew from Denver, CO pulls inspiration from each of their personal genre influences and brings it to the table to create the intertwining and captivating sound that they call home. Soul, rock, jazz, hip-hop, classical - it’s in there somewhere. Mama Magnolia finds a way to sneak it in. They want to create music to make your body move and your brain think, but mostly, they want to give you the gift of music. Every show, every event, every gathering of any kind is a family gathering with Mama Magnolia - and the kitchen is full of music, dancing, singing and making noise from the rooftops!

The majority of Mama Magnolia met in music school and played in a variety of musical settings - from big bands to Indian dance class. Then singer, Megan Letts, brought forth the proposition of going steady with this stellar group of humans and musicians. "There was something magical about when the six of us plugged in and played for the first time. No. It was just magic," recalls Megan. And they took that magic and ran!

The Nightshades blend the sounds of hard rock, metal, jazz, R&B, and soul under a large funk rock umbrella. The group takes pride in creating an environment that urges people to shake their bodies. Putting strong intention into the art of composition, the band has given great attention and nuance to each song.

The Nightshade’s emergence in the Fort Collins Music scene has been similar to their music: smooth, driving, and precise. Five of the six met in The Make More Music Battle, 3 of whom were part of the winning band. The six technically proficient players include: Sumer Albright, vocals; Lily Berryman, bass; August Luc, Saxophone; Greg McKittrick, keyboard; Avery Berryman, Drums; Christian Nyzio, Guitar. If you want to get down to sauce town, don’t skip on The Nightshades.