Mystic Braves

DeCollage and The Dream Ride

Tickets now available at the door and in the cafe until they are gone for $16. 

Drop-Off Productions presents the Days of Yesteryear North American Tour 2016 featuring the psychedelic-pop sounds of Los Angeles, CA’s Mystic Braves. Sporting the authentic style of the 60s and perfectly matching hair, the band infuses a new edge to their style of retro music, but don’t be fooled—they’re moment is happening now and Mystic Braves are at the forefront of a white-hot garage band revival! After an impressive national tour boasting packed shows from Brooklyn to Seattle and beyond, the band returned home to Los Angeles only to sell out their first-ever show at West Hollywood’s legendary Troubadour in advance. For their forthcoming third album, The Braves — who are signed to influential indie label Lolipop Records — are experimenting with more exotic instruments and have built a library of new songs to show off its invigorating style not only in the studio, but at a series of big-ticket festivals including Burgerama, Desert Days and the Austin Psych Fest. Joining them on tour is very special guest, The Dream Ride— the immersive sonic vehicle of Los Angeles native, Jeffertitti Moon. Sparked by drum machines & synthesizers, Moon birthed the frame work for the project on a small 4-track cassette machine, creating a unique brand of pop music, infused with the raw psychedelic energy he has become known for in groups such as Father John Misty, Jeffertitti's Nile and Corners. Also on the bill is Denver-based déCollage and their brand of eclectic psych-pop. If Salvador Dali’s paintings were music, they would sound like déCollage. Their shows are theatrical, free-spirited parties; interactive to the point the audience gets doused in space blankets while transcendental artists paint on stage. “Magnetize” the bands latest full length was released on Misra Records this past Spring and features over 20 of Denver’s most creative musicians, including members of Rose Quartz, Sound of Ceres/Candy Claws, Rubedo and many more. “Bust out the wavy gravy and let the psychedelia flow! This is indeed going to be a dream-like, mind-bending, mind-altering, mind-expanding, mind-blowing musical trip! This is an all ages show at the Downtown Artery– tickets are $14 Advance/$16 Day of show and available online at and the ticketing link above. 

Turn On, Tune In, Drop-Off! 


Mystic Brave at the Artery ( Drop Off) Dream Ride