SUSTO with very special guest Liza Anne

Liza Anne 

Hailing from the quiet coast of Georgia, Liza Anne has recently found a home in Nashville as an indie artist exploring rock, folk, and experimental music. While in college and only 19 years old, Liza independently released her first album ͞The Colder Months͟ with WXPN praising the title track as ͞a beautiful, melancholy song showcasing an exciting new singer-songwriter.͟ Liza͛s 2015 follow-up album ͞TWO͟ brought the attention of KCRW, Paste Magazine, Nylon, a video premiere on NPR Music and had Diffuser.FM stating ͞In addition to the compelling journey it takes you on from start to finish, ͚TWO͛ entices because it suggests infinite possibilities for where Liza Anne might go next.͟Fresh off the road from a break out performance at ACL and tours with Joseph and Bears Den, Liza Anne has been working on new material and spent time in Paris recording her new album which is slated for a 2017 release. 


Justin Osborne needed a break.

He'd been writing music and making albums since he was 15, and by the age of 26, he felt like he was spinning his wheels. He knew he needed a change, so he ended his old band Sequoyah Prep School and moved to Cuba. He thought he might be done with music for a while, but the songs just kept coming.

"I had this idea in my mind that I was going to try and join some kind of Latin American Leftist movement. I wanted to jump off a cliff," Osborne says. "Once I got there I immediately started hanging out with musicians and going to shows. I started showing them the songs from this project that was kind of just an idea in my head.

"They were like, 'man, don't throw away your passport, go home and continue to make music,'" he says. "I was encouraged by them to try again."

SUSTO at Downtown Artery Fort CollinsLiza Anne at the Downtown Artery