1099 Workers: How to Minimize Your Risk and Save Money


The most common mistake that employers make is treating workers as Independent Contractors when they should be employees. It can also be the most costly mistake. In the state of Colorado, misclassified employees can cost over $5,000 per worker! 

Difficulty: Basic

What will I learn?
- Understand the difference between contractor and employee
- Lower your risk of misclassifications, therefore lowering your risk of penalties and fines;
- Gain insight into audits that are happening right now in your community;
- And most importantly, piece of mind (ignorance, in this case, is not bliss)!

What should I bring?
Bring a notebook

In 1099 Workers: How To Minimize Your Risk And Save Money In The Long Run co-owners of simplyHR LLC, Tina Todd and Nikki Larchar will cover what worker classifications can mean for your business. This discussion will cover the differences between a contractor and employee, why it can be a costly mistake for businesses of any size, and how it's more than just how you pay a worker.