Arting up The Scene: Cultural Migrations

Among the many who have chosen to move to (or move back to) Northern Colorado in recent years are artists and creative entrepreneurs who are having a major impact on the cultural scene - and bringing new perspectives with them. Hear how four cultural migrants got here, or got back here, and what they discovered when they did: Zach Yendra, designer of the Mayor's office and a motorized tricycle, the Bootlegger, that now gets a spot on the nightly news at the start of each new epic journey; Ren Burke, an army brat whose vibrant paintings of animals bring vivid life to a Lyric Cinema wall, electrical generators, and bicycle obstacle course alike; Patrick Edmiston, a photographer and artist entrepreneur whose motto is “if you want to go somewhere fast, go alone, but if you want to go somewhere far, go together”; and Natalie Scarlett, an award-winning director who is expanding the territory of theater, film and clowning in Fort Collins with each new work for the stage, screen and beyond. The panel is moderated by Amy Cervenan.