Brews & News: Responsible restaurants in Northern Colorado

In March, we'll host a discussion about responsible restaurants, focusing on topics including restaurant inspections and liquor licensing requirements. We'll talk about food safety, how ratings are assigned and why. We will also discuss how restaurants and bars are ensuring they're serving alcohol responsibly and safely. 

Reporter Jake Laxen will be joined by partners from Responsible Association Retailers, Liquor and Tobacco Enforcement as well as Restaurant and Grocery Store Inspections of Larimer County. 

If there's a specific question you have related to this issue, please email events coordinator, Cody Frohman at [email protected]

When: 6-7 p.m. March 14

Where: Downtown Artery, 254 Linden St., Fort Collins

Cost: None, but please reserve your ticket

Note: We'll be buying drinks for Coloradoan Insiders, if you sign up to become an Insider we will purchase your drink.