Chess at Breakfast Album Release w/ Orca Welles and Foreman Trio

Double Album Release Show! (Chess at Breakfast & Orca Welles)

Friday, May 10th
Doors: 7:00 // Show: 8:00
Presale: $5 // Day of Show $8

Blending elements of progressive rock and indie psych, Chess at Breakfast imposes manic hooks and tenacious rhythms over lyrical themes of despair and disillusionment. Their electrifying live performances embody an angsty disposition, powered by high voltage and dark humor.

Featuring vocalist/guitarist Caleb McFadden, bassist Justin Daggett, and drummer Mike Davis, the trio formed in the summer of 2016 and spent the majority of that fall working on The Gutshalls, a five-song EP ranging from teeth-grinding punk to atmospheric soundscapes.

Following the release of their singles "Pushing Daisies (On Your Day Off)" and "Paper Crane" in 2018, Chess at Breakfast have been tirelessly preparing for the release of their debut LP, Wealthcare, available everywhere on May 10th.

ORCA WELLES (Album Release)
Orca Welles is a rock n roll band out of Omaha NE, Fort Collins CO, and New Orleans LA. While the band occasionally struggles to identify their roots, they’ve never had any trouble crossing state lines to get together and play music. Members include Liv Baxter on guitar and vocals, Alec Williams on guitar and vocals, Jayce Haley on bass guitar and vocals, and Nolan Brumbach on drums. Their sound is best described as as a complicated relationship between 60s surf/acid rock and 90s grunge-garage music.

America's Most Greasy Blues Band