Karaoke Mondays!

19th November 8:00PM

“Amateur Hour Karaoke” is a night of unabashed fun-having. It is the full spectrum of self expression. On a scale from “I just got dumped and drank a 750 of Rumpleminz alone and thought I’d be less lonely singing “She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5 to strangers” and “I am God” - we are a safe space for the hearts and vocal chords of all. 

Monday nights, 8pm-Midnight, free entry, much fun, $5 Dry Town Gin&Tonics.

Upcoming Dates

26th November 8:00PM
3rd December 8:00PM
10th December 8:00PM
17th December 8:00PM
24th December 8:00PM
31st December 8:00PM
7th January 8:00PM
14th January 8:00PM
21st January 8:00PM
28th January 8:00PM
4th February 8:00PM