Little Wings with Porlolo

Originally formed in the California seaside town of San Luis Obispo, the music of Little Wings completely imbibes the environment in which it was conceived. With a loosely assembled membership that revolves around Little Wings frontman and songwriter Kyle Field and sometimes includes drummer Adam Selzer, keyboardist Rob Kieswetter, and bassist Mark Leece, the band's debut on Walking Records, Discover Worlds of Wonder, was a dreamy, balladic tribute to the surreal aspects of the contemporary Californian landscape. Filled with slightly off-key tales of skateboarding legends, freeway traffic jams, and the hidden beach canyons of the West Coast, Little Wings' 1999 debut fused a postmodern Beach Boys ideology with warm alt-country. After collaborations with many regional artists, including Jason Lytle of Grandaddy, Kyle Field left his California musical family for the greener pastures of Portland, OR, to let the new chapter of the Little Wings almanac be influenced by the fresh naturalism of the Pacific Northwest and to continue the bands exploration of non-traditional song structures.

Porlolo is the musical project of Erin Roberts, formed in 2002 with guitarist Tom Mohr. Current lineup includes Ben DeSoto on drums and Anna Morsett on bass. Melancholic melodies, folk pop hits, and creep rock.