Lucid Vision w/ Special Guests at The Artery - An Intimate Event

EvrGlo Media and SnugRug Collective are teaming up with Lucid Vision to throw an unforgettable show! 

Join us for an Intimate Evening with Lucid Vision on September 15th at theDowntown Artery. With special guests, Mitote Music, and our new favourite banger DJ’s on the scene, Push Play. 

~~ Meet the Team ~~

Lucid Vision
Music with intention.
Lucid Vision takes listeners to a melodic realm of electronic-laced genre bends. Through the combination of live guitar with the unique world of designed sound, Lucid Vision demonstrates a natural balance of live-electronic music. Infinite potential unfolds as you delve into the high-energy and soulful experience, which then leaves listeners in an inspirational state. 
“I believe we are able to inspire, awaken, and reach new levels of connection through music.”

EvrGlo Media is a vehicle for creative expression within the visual realm. Creating luminescent media that reflects the highest potentials of the human imagination. Producing custom visual content for live projections and interactive installations, and create videos that forevrglo within the minds of those that watch them. 

SnugRug Collective is a team of visionaries, musicians, and entrepreneurs working together to create a more “do it yourself” music scene. Everything from talent scouting and booking, to design and promotion, and facilitation of events, SnugRug is a fully self-sustained concert pop-up, and man do we have a groovy time. Musicians supporting musicians. DIY or DIE.

The brainchild of two extraterrestrials, Push Play is the fully realized DJ/VJ duo that everyone has been waiting for. A performance commentary on the current world of music, Push Play strives to make attendees have the night of their lives while also questioning how music affects them and what their place in the world is. Unlike most performances, Push Play looks for ways to involve the crowd, keeping attendees on their toes for what will happen next. 

This collaborative show is an invitationinto an immersive sensory experience from your head to your toes to your third eye and everywhere in between.

Tickets go on sale at noon on Friday, August 18th.