Master Your Message: Adjust Communication as Your Startup Grows


This session will span the spectrum, from "I'm thinking of starting a business/startup" to "I'm in the middle of raising a Seed Round." As your business grows and changes, so does your message. Are you aware of these stages and the type of communication that is expected in each? Come and learn from a messaging expert - walk out with actionable tips at the end of the hour.

Difficulty: Basic

What will I learn?
- Master Your Networking Message (introductions, early conversations)
- Master Your Pitch Deck and Message (slide deck, delivery)
- Master Your Written Message (web site, press releases)

What should I bring?
- Bring a notebook and pen

Communication evolves as your business evolves. When you're just getting started, you need to build relationships and network, shop your idea around. Later you're assembling pitch decks and need a tighter message. Once established your message needs an increasingly professional polish as you issue press releases and conduct media interviews. We'll break down each stage and learn tips on Message Mastery. Don't miss this impactful event!