Rock Latino Night with IZCALLi and Los Hijos de Tuta

It used to be Spanish rock equaled covering Norteamericano bands. That’s how it was when Miguel and Brenda Avina’s dad was shredding metal in the 80s in Mexico, and that’s what Rock En Tu Idioma meant: you translated the lyrics and did songs by Whitesnake or The Cure.

Miguel didn’t want to do that when he started Izcalli in 2005 with an acoustic guitar and dual hand-percussionists Luis Galaviz and Raul Chavelas. Under the banner of RETI=Rock En Tu Idioma, he wanted to do original Rock in Spanish — or in English, too, if he felt like it — and he had a vision: that there was a need for the kind of music he wanted to make, with a swath of influences ranging from flamenco to Zeppelin, and a community of musicians just waiting to unite.

The idea caught hold and scored the young band an opening gig with Spanish act BEBE; playing at the Gothic before that sold-out crowd, Miguel had another vision: "Hay que Rock Harder". A Les Paul replaced the acoustic, Galaviz switched from djembe to the kit, and Miguel recruited his sister Brenda on bass.