Syrinx Effect with Trash Cat

Doors 6 PM | Show 7 PM 
All Ages $8 / $10 

Syrinx Effect

An acoustic-electric duo with endless possibilities, Syrinx Effect plays their own blend of folk punk jazz. They easily switch between dreamy ambient loops, catchy pop riffs and found sounds, all the while paying homage to their free improv roots. Naomi plays trombone with guitar pedals and Kate plays soprano saxophone with laptop and other toys. The duo got its start curating the Racer Sessions in Seattle, and has gone on to perform prolifically around the US, collaborating with many of the mainstays of the improvised music scene such as Wayne Horvitz, Robin Holcomb, Elliott Sharp, Bobby Previte, Stuart Dempster, Allison Miller, Rene Hart. SyrinxEffect makes music that is authentic and expressive, employing everything from simple folk melodies to abstract, ambient noise. Each piece is a meditation, an exploration, and sometimes a romp.

"It is rare for an experimental duo to be so dedicated to making such lighthearted, beautiful sounds, and rare for a pop duo to be so dedicated to experimentation. Let this joyful approach to unconventional instrumental songwriting inspire and uplift you."
- Wendy Eisenberg, Free Jazz Blog

"Syrinx Effect put a seriously moody spin on celebratory music. The duo might work up a groove that wouldn’t be out of place in New Orleans, or stomp and bounce like Balkan music, or dig into a rhythm that sounds right out of NYC, but there will always be an introspective mood hiding just beneath the music’s cheerful smile."
- Dave Sumner, Bandcamp Daily

“... the two artists have created a sound and a world that is all their own, and have provided the listener with a musical journey that is not only aurally stimulating, but life affirming. Outstanding!” 
- Stefan Wood, Free Jazz Blog

"It’s always a good indication that the music is working the way the artists intend for it to work when you struggle to pigeonhole it but can easily get a firm grasp of its emotional impact."
- S. Victor Aaron, Something Else Reviews

Trash Cat is an unlikely trio. Made up of Brian Claxton on drums, Mary Claxton on electric ukulele and vocals and Hayden Farr on baritone saxophone, this group takes groove influences from funk, rock and the dreams of robots and pairs them with melodies both sweet and fierce.
They use their music to ride a see-saw between tender-heartedness and absurdity inspired by their favorite cartoons, Adventure Time and Steven Universe. At the end of the day, they’re just simple people enjoying friendship and writing songs about cartoons.