Women's BiAnnual Clothing Swap

It's time again for the Fall edition of the Women's Clothing Swap at the Artery! Clean out your closets and bring everything to the Swap. 

How it works:
-Bring your bags, boxes, cases full of all seasons of clothing, (jewelry, accessories, bras, maternity items, shoes, purses, etc.) you don't want anymore.
-Arrange it on the appropriately labeled table for easy viewing.
-Then "shop" around for yourself! >except everything is free for the taking!

No need to worry about quantity you bring and quantity you take - but please be respectful of other ladies looking.

Anything you don't want back at the end feel free to leave and everything remaining will be donated to ThriftRite on Horsetooth and Timberline. Any remaining bras are donated to a group in Denver that gets them to homeless women.

Special note>>> We'll be in the upstairs art gallery area this time as we've grown out of the music venue space. See you upstairs!