Downtown Artery Introduces new stage for DIY Musicians

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The Downtown Artery (Artery) has been developing a new all-ages community music program and live music stage within their 14,000 square foot arts facility. The stage (dubbed “The DIY Stage”) will be the venue’s third live music stage, and joins The Patio Stage and The Main Stage. The DIY Stage program provides performance space to bands at no cost to them for the production of their own contemporary & other musical concerts. 

The DIY Stage concert series will open June 1, 2018 in conjunction with the Downtown Artery’s 5 year anniversary, surrounded by a permanent immersive art installation conceived of by Artery founder, Amy Bradley, and executed by a team of local artists and craftspeople under her direction. The stage and installation will be located on the street level in the window-front room that previously housed the Artery’s retail emporium. To make way for the new stage and installation, Artery has moved their emporium collection of art, wearables, collectables, and giftables to Walnut Creek (222 Walnut St.) and The Lyric (1209 N. College Ave.).

At launch, The DIY Stage will host bands on Monday and Tuesday nights. Interested bands and musicians can reserve dates through a google spreadsheet on a "first hold, second hold, third hold” basis for the month of June. Once the Downtown Artery booking team confirms a date with a band, the DIY begins. The lead band will be responsible for coordinating any other acts, bringing in their own P.A. system and/or A/V setup, and providing a sound engineer if one is needed. If a band chooses to charge an admission, they will run their own box-office at the door and keep all proceeds to divide among themselves as they see fit. The Artery cafe will remain open for all customers during this time and will have a full food & bar menu available for patrons seeing the show.  

If you are interested in this opportunity, please view the spreadsheet here or contact Caitlin McQueen  [email protected] with any questions.